Powered stacker trucks

The CESAB Powered Stackers are designed for low up to high intensity applications where manoeuvrability, reliability and safety are key requirements. The CESAB Powered Stacker range fits a wide range of applications such as industry, warehouses and retail stores.

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cesab stacker truck s100

S100: Low intensity stacker trucks

The CESAB S110 and S110S are the perfect solution for low-intensity applications. Weighing less than 500 kg, its exception compactness and low noise level make that this powered stacker can be used in a wide variety of applications. The low-maintenance and revolutionary AC motor offers great energy efficiency, as well as durability and strength.
As the electric brake applies automatically, there is no risk of rolling backwards when working on slopes.

Used in grocery and retail stores, offices, warehouses and manufacturing industry, the CESAB S100 Series is an excellent choice for low intensity applications and confined areas.

The CESAB S110 and S110S offer a built-in charger for fast and easy charging, you just plug it into a power socket, done!

The PIN-code access allows individual parameters settings and can be configured so it adapts the truck to the user’s drive abilities or specific restrictions in working areas. It also protects against unauthorised use of the truck, very important when used in retail stores.

The low-maintenance AC motors offers durability and strength as well as low energy consumption. When not in use, the standby mode cuts most energy consumers automatically to safe battery capacity.

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cesab stacker truck s200

S200: Compact powered stacker trucks

The CESAB S200 powered stacker range has been designed for medium-intensity applications; very simple and safe to use. The 5-point chassis design assures perfect stability and control even on ramps and uneven floors. The centrally placed tiller arm and the small turning radius makes manoeuvring in both directions easy.

The ergonomic tiller arm head combines all functions for drive, lifting and lowering while the low body design and wide-view mast allow a good and save view on the forks. The PIN-code access allows individual parameters settings and can be configured so it adapts the truck to the user’s drive abilities or specific restrictions in working areas. It also protects against unauthorised use of the truck. The big safety button on the top prevents the user getting stuck between the truck and an obstacle as it immediately reverses drive direction when applied

When it comes to the needs of stacker operations, the CESAB S200 powered stacker range means business. With its compact design that includes a low and rounded chassis with a centrally mounted tiller arm, the CESAB S200 range delivers excellent manoeuvrability for truly effortless pallet handling.

From retail to wholesale, manufacturing to distribution, the CESAB S200 range offers a flexible solution for all stacker applications along with the option of a flip-up platform and unique tiller arm if your application requires longer travel distances (1.0-1.4t models).

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cesab stacker truck s300

S300: Versatile powered stacker trucks

The CESAB S300 range merges high capacities with excellent manoeuvrability and maximum productivity. The driving speeds up to 10 km/h, its best-in-class turning radius and the foldable driver platform make it the sprinter for your material handling operation.

CESAB’s Powertrak drive unit adjusts the pressure on the drive wheel proportional to the load on the forks and assures optimal traction and stability under all circumstances.

Offering highest lift and lowering speeds, the operator spends less time in stacking loads and manages more load movements.

The adjustable tiller arm provides best comfort and combines all functions in a intuitive tiller head that can be operated with either hand.

The Creep Speed feature allows precise and safe manoeuvring in confined spots.

The side guards can be folded down in one single move of the hand. With the platform flipped up, the CESAB P300 becomes a perfect pedestrian truck, easy to control even in the tightest spots.

The unique CESAB Powerdrive combines contactless controls and CAN-communication to ensure excellent driving characteristics and reduced downtime. This feature also provides quick, reliable communication and enables programmability. The truck can be adapted to the abilities of the user or the restrictions in certain working areas.

The CESAB S300 range is the ideal solution when it concerns longer drive distances in more demanding material handling applications.

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