RWT is a major vegetable producer, supplying some of Belgium’s biggest food retailers, including the Delhaize Group.

Based in Tremelo, fifteen kilometres north east of Brussels, the farming business specialises in chicory and carrots, growing over three million tonnes every year. The chicory is produced using a system of aquaculture, which means it can be grown all year round and harvested every six weeks. Peak season for the carrots is in early November.

Materials handling at RWT includes the transportation of around two million boxes of vegetables around the site across the year, with lorries arriving every day to collect finished and packed goods.

Belgian Cesab dealership Joris Van Dijck Heftrucks has supported the farm for over 40 years, so when RWT owner Rudy Willems needed to replace some of his older equipment, he turned to the managing director of the Cesab dealership, Chris Van Dijck, for advice.

Rudy explained: "Goods must be moved around our farm efficiently, especially at peak periods. Produce has to be delivered to customers on time and in great condition, and all our materials handling equipment has to support the operation in both speed and reliability.”

After a review of the business, Chris recommended a Cesab M335H hydrostatic forklift truck, which is now used outdoors at RWT, to load packed goods onto lorries and to unload materials during deliveries. In just its’ first 20 working days, the truck handled 7000 pallets and worked for 400 hours.

The truck, which has been fitted with an optional Recaro seat to provide extra comfort for operators, is part of the new hydrostatic Cesab M300H forklift range.

The Cesab M300H, with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes, gives operators powerful and precise handling and fast change of drive direction for higher productivity. Its independent lift and drive functionality provide operators with complete control and automatic braking when the foot is removed from the accelerator, for easy manoeuvring.

RWT’s Cesab fleet also includes a Cesab B320 electric forklift, Cesab P320 powered pallet truck, Cesab S314 powered stacker, Cesab S212 stacker and hand pallet trucks, which are used to move pallets around RWT’s factory. The Cesab B320 three-wheel forklift offers maximum manoeuvrability, making it ideal in places where a very tight turning radius is necessary.

Rudy Willems said: “We have always found Cesab forklifts to be extremely reliable and hardworking. However, the Cesab M335 hydrostatic has proved to be a great step forward for our business. It is a very powerful, efficient machine, and we’ve been very impressed by its’ performance. Its’ noise levels are low and it’s smooth in use. Our operators liked the Cesab Drago we had before, but they are even happier to have this new Cesab hydrostatic truck.”

Rudy Willems: "We have worked with Joris Van Dijk for over 40 years and have an excellent relationship with the team. We know that whatever our needs, they are there for us. Their service and support are first class, helping us to keep operational issues to an absolute minimum.”